Tips To Write and Earn A $1000 Per Month Blog

First of all, sorry guys for not updating my blog for some while now as I was on a bit tight schedule.

Coming back to my post, recently, my SEO colleague and my friends wanted to know if it is possible to gain more than $1000 from a blog per month. I have been making some research on this topic and have tried to find the hidden features to achieve this. The technique used is simple with no exceptional skills required but its not that easy too.

So below is the solution to earn $1000 dollars :

1) Don’t neglect on making articles. If you really want to earn money by blogging, spend a sufficient amount of your time into your prepared blogs everyday. I would suggest at least 2 posts per day so that your blog is active all the time. If for some reason, you were unable to write a post, mention an apologetic sentence stating it to all your readers, so that you gain a certain level of respect from them.

2) Prepare BIG articles containing ORIGINAL content. Well after all a infectious content is the main reason which will attract readers to your blog. So maintain a good balance in terms of your big articles.

3) Don’t be too greedy. Just keep in mind, Quality is always better than Quantity. Keep active only one to two blogs instead of 10 tiny blogs. Do not fill your blog with unnecessary and irrelevant adverts. Keep the blog decent having a good look and feel and colors to attract and importantly hold on to readers.

4) Offer subscriptions to the readers visiting your blog. After it grows to 200 or more, add feedcount widget to your blog. Many readers subscribe by watching the feedcount on your blog. This is often stated as a balanced assessment sheet of blogs.

5) Bookmark your blog regularly in popular bookmarking website to increase your friends list based that your posts or articles are more visible.

6) Always reply to the comments from your blog site so that you create a good rapo with readers for them to visit your blog site again.

7) Always visit forums (that are popular) regularly. Also, if possible make lenses in Squidoo and hubs in hubpages because it helps you to promote your blog which in return helps you in earning money at the same time.

8) Finally, (from my past experience) I would suggest to write reader-centric. Read various blogs sites of similar topics as yours and check the articles or posts which are the most popular ones. Then translate them into your own simple user-friendly words with good vocabulary and narration.

That’s it then, the above tips are to my best of my knowledge and experience, but the results  may vary as per your implementation and dedication of work you have put in.

All the best in earning by marketing blogs and share with me about your experience in using the above tips. Also feel free to write to me regarding any issue on the above article.

Written by Nitesh Pednekar (


One Response to Tips To Write and Earn A $1000 Per Month Blog

  1. gigi28 says:

    wow all of these tips are really good! I’m going to try to apply them for myself even if I’m not out for the 1,000 a month . nonetheless are very good tips

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