Big Google Product Announcement is Coming on April 7, 2009

March 30, 2009

The world’s number 1 search engine, Google is holding one of its occasional “Campfire One” events for developers on April 7, 2009. These events, which are held outside on the lawn at the Google Headquarters, have always been for announcing or launching a big product in the past. On the May 2008 ‘Campfire One’, Google had announced details of their project ‘Friend Connect’. Just a month before that announcement in April 2008, Google had announced its ‘App Engine’.

Everyone is anticipating what will they announce this time around? A very good bet is ‘Java on AppEngine’, about which it was previously heard that it would not be announced until the I/O conference in May. But the product may just be perfect fit for the Campfire One. Of course, it may just be about something else altogether. We will just have to wait and watch what there is in store by Google. I will update whatever it is that happens once the announcement (if any) is made.


Long since the last post

March 28, 2009

Its been a long time since i posted my career update friends. So now i shall be continuing to write my blog from where i left writing. I left Bharat Book Bureau(my previous company about whom i had explained earlier) last year to join another market research firm “Aarkstore Enterprise”. It was not easy to leave such a good job at that time as i had a great relationship with the company’s Director Mr. M. K. Chettiar. I was simply liked in the office environment and always thought i gave my all for the websites cause for bringing results through online SEO of the company website.

I joined Aarkstore Enterprise in August 2008 and am working there as Senior Search Engine Optimizer and Web Server Controller. Here i am given more responsibility and more control over matters related to the whole database and server management (which i had hoped my earlier company could have given me). I am controlling and managing their web server and learned a lot through it.

While working with Aarkstore Enterprise from last year or so, i have learned a numbers of things from my colleagues and seniors. I believe even i have helped them in improving their knowledge and they know now what SEO means at least for interacting with our clients in the real world. As always there have been many ups and downs in my working relationships with my colleagues and seniors, partly due to current downstream in market. But i feel all my colleagues and seniors hold me in a nice position when it comes to explaining my importance to our clients and business associates. I hope to continue keeping my organization happy and deliver the expected materials from my side.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India

March 28, 2009

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