Long since the last post

March 28, 2009

Its been a long time since i posted my career update friends. So now i shall be continuing to write my blog from where i left writing. I left Bharat Book Bureau(my previous company about whom i had explained earlier) last year to join another market research firm “Aarkstore Enterprise”. It was not easy to leave such a good job at that time as i had a great relationship with the company’s Director Mr. M. K. Chettiar. I was simply liked in the office environment and always thought i gave my all for the websites cause for bringing results through online SEO of the company website.

I joined Aarkstore Enterprise in August 2008 and am working there as Senior Search Engine Optimizer and Web Server Controller. Here i am given more responsibility and more control over matters related to the whole database and server management (which i had hoped my earlier company could have given me). I am controlling and managing their web server and learned a lot through it.

While working with Aarkstore Enterprise from last year or so, i have learned a numbers of things from my colleagues and seniors. I believe even i have helped them in improving their knowledge and they know now what SEO means at least for interacting with our clients in the real world. As always there have been many ups and downs in my working relationships with my colleagues and seniors, partly due to current downstream in market. But i feel all my colleagues and seniors hold me in a nice position when it comes to explaining my importance to our clients and business associates. I hope to continue keeping my organization happy and deliver the expected materials from my side.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India

March 28, 2009

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a very popular and creative concept in developing & maintaining a website in today’s online world. I can say infact in some cases Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the website becomes the make or break point for the business. Today, when the internet has become a point of interaction between the service providers and customers, all the business bodies are trying to tap into it for increasing their potential revenue hence Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional are in great demand in this current industry. With proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training one can get employed with in any industry with very ease.

So anyone who wants to secure a professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package for as low as Rs. 1000, just email me at niteshpaddy@gmail.com

SEO Techniques and Tips

July 1, 2008

Wait for some time as i bring a good insider on SEO techniques and blogs used recently….STAY TUNED….

My Intro along with my skills like SEO, Website Revamp, etc etc.

July 1, 2008

Hello readers,

This is my first post in my personal blog. My name is Nitesh S. Pednekar. I have completed my Diploma in Computer Technology from a reputed college Shreeram Poytechnic in Airoli, Navi Mumbai. I have been working as a Search Engine Optimizer cum Website Controller in a reputed market research firm called Bharat Book Bureau (http://www.bharatbook.com), who are one of the worlds largest aggregators for online databases and research reports.

I have been working in this reputed organization since 3 years. In this gone by years, I presume i have proven myself to be an asset for my organization and have progressed step-by-step as an individual as well as a co-operative employee. I have excelled in almost all of my assigned projects and always fulfilled the objectives of my directors. I have been optimizing and creating / modifying various pages of the been mentioned website.

I am also managing more websites projects with jobs assigned as for developing and maintaining the portals/websites along with the analysis of the websites traffic and keywords ranking in SEO. The websites names are mentioned below :


My theory of a SEO consultant is to assist websites to improve them attain higher ranking positions at the time of a search being done in major engines like Google.com, Yahoo, MSN, etc. An SEO must see his website as a Google Spider will look at it. Yes, a Spider of Google (named GoogleBot) goes through the webpage and rates every other page on the internet and priorities all the pages on their page rank, keyword density and many other issues.

The objectives that I perform as an Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) are Pay-per-click, Email marketing, XML feed submissions, Website traffic analysis, Targetted keyword research.

In addition to the above mentioned, the below stuff is also perfomed by me : 

1. Providing individual creation of meta tags, keywords tags.
2. Design suggestions to make better SEO friendly pages to be crawled.
3. Providing creation of description tags and suitable alt tags.
4. Web directory listing – Domestic directories and International directories (Manually).
5. Top listing in major search engines like Google, Yahoo,etc. and marketing of various section of portal.
6. Submission in high profile directory, DMOZ and Indirect Link Popularity.
7. Complete website designing and development robot friendly. (In short Revamping).
8. Content writing and research as per the topics applicated. 
9. B2B B2C portal development and marketing
10. Assured top 10 – 20 ranking placement in major search engines like Google, Yahoo search engine ranking service.
11. Complete Search Engine Optimization of the concerned website.
12. Web traffic analysis.
13. Domain name registration for entry level clients.
14. Products and Software Marketing on the most successful medium, Internet.
15. Link exchange popularity and Pay-Per-Click Services.
16. Online meta tags and content optimization and relatively easy crawling sitemap for clients portal/website. 
17. FREE SEO Solution for .org, .edu, .gov (Non-profit Organization)

Suggesting the necessary coding tips for website programmers and designers helpful for listing the website on first page of popular search engines is also one of my strong points.  If it’s a small code change, I am well equiped to do it myself as I have quite a reasonable knowledge on coding languages such as HTML and ASP. I also keep a check on my assigned websites loading time all over the world and its uptime in various countries via Traceroute.

I review each and every page of my website carefully and make a geniune effort not to stuff too many keywords in a single webpage as it affects rankings. After all, the content is the making of a webpage in search engines. I have also worked on Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads, online ads, free blogs, RSS feed submission, free articles, link builder.